About Us

After we started Wicked Seven's sister company, Wood Thingamajigs in 2016, we realized our unique and creative drink coasters were our most popular items. We launched a separate brand for the coasters because we chose to incorporate other mediums besides wood. After months of debating a new brand name, Wicked Seven was eventually inspired by Jessica’s roots in Massachusetts and a newly-acquired scar on Jason’s arm in the shape of a 7.

We are passionate about creating high-quality pieces that fit our customers’ unique styles and personalities and we pride ourselves on working with efficiency and integrity in all we do.

Jessica Brown

Jessica was born and raised in Norwood, Massachusetts.  In 7th grade, she took wood shop and found her love for woodworking! After high school she went to and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  After finishing active duty she moved to northeast Ohio and started this company.​

Jason Brown

Jason is a native Ohioan.  He has had a love of woodworking since he can remember.  From an early age he developed his innate ability to see something and replicate it with his own twist.  He brings that gift to this company and all of the items that he crafts.​